The first polish to use a revolutionary two part system, originally developed for the aerospace industry. Dulon is water based, biodegradable and eco friendly, it does not contain petroleum distillates, silicon or Teflon.


Propspeed is a silicon based propeller coating, that does not contain biocides and is friendly to the environment, especially as it can reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Global Green

The cleaning product market is saturated with thousands of references, due to the complicated legislation controlling these substances. The consumer is faced with a host of highly toxic cleaning products disguised by clever marketing. Global Green, finally a complete range of products produced from 100% vegetable and plant extract, biodegradable in the true sense of the word and made from renewable resources.

Diamon Fusion

Boats cleaning and maintenance requires the use of a lot of chemical products. Most of these surfaces to be cleaned (those made of glass, porcelain, tile and granite) can be protected with the Diamon-Fusion’s Protective Coating. The reduced maintenance attribute of this coating eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners that are routinely used to remove hard water stains and soap scum. So no longer are those chemicals being washed down our drains and into our oceans.